3 min readJul 8, 2022

The Liechtenstein challenge is the ultimate test for Football Manager players and one which is often overlooked for a more familiar San Marino challenge.

Liechtenstein has had few genuine successes in international football since competing in UEFA European Championship and World Cup qualification groups since 1981. This is hardly surprising given the size and population (38,749) of the country. Liechtenstein is unique amongst FIFA member countries by the fact that it does not organise a national football league. All Liechtensteiner clubs play in the Swiss footballing system at various different levels.

Fussball Club Vaduz

The only club available to manage if using a vanilla database is capital club FC Vaduz, who play their trade in the Swiss Challenge League. To illustrate how far ahead they are of the other Liechtensteiner clubs in the Swiss football pyramid, the next highest ranked, FC Balzers and USV Eschen/Mauren, currently play in the Swiss fourth tier. (Custom database anybody?)

Being a club from one country playing in another country brings with it some crazy possible scenarios. Were FC Vaduz to win the Swiss Super League, they would as a Liechtensteiner club NOT be eligible to represent the Swiss Super League in the UEFA Champions League.

However, despite not having a national league, Liechtenstein does play a national cup competition (which involves the seven Liechtensteiner football clubs in the Swiss football pyramid and their reserve sides). The winner of the Liechtensteiner Cup (which Vaduz have won 47 times out of 74 editions) qualify for the UEFA Europa League.

The only way, therefore, that FC Vaduz could theoretically qualify for the UEFA Champions League in the future is to win the Europa League.

The Challenge

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to;

  1. Investing in the academy of the country
  2. Prolong the domination in the country cup (Vaduz), or build your own legacy (Balzers or Eschen).
  3. Reach and win the Swiss Super League
  4. Reach the UEFA Conference League
  5. Win the UEFA Conference League
  6. Repeat four and five for both the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Champions League

For those wanting to add an additional layer to the challenge there is always the National role (ideally secured naturally through application)

7. Win a game with the National team

8. Win a competitive game

9. Beat a team ranked inside the world top 50

10.Get Liechtenstein into the top 50 in the world

11. Qualify for a major competition

12. Win a major competition

The Rules

  1. No use of the pre-game or in-game editor.

2. No save scumming

3. Focus on developing Liechtensteiner players

The Database

I would recommend to load the following database which provides good geographical links to Switzerland. I also feel that by using the advanced feature to load all players from within Europe and of course all players of the nationality are loaded to ensure a good pool of talent is available.

I know that this is often a time in the FM cycle in which we often find ourselves in limbo, therefore this could well be a challenge which could take you through until the new game and beyond.